Editado en Francia el Tomo X de Desde las Orillas del Sena, de la Serie Cartas a Ofelia


Foto: Amour et Psyché – Antonio Canova (1786-1793) Musée du Louvre.

París, 11 de febrero de 2016.

Querida Ofelia:

Acaba de ser editado en Francia mi libro de crónicas N° 30 de la Serie “Cartas a Ofelia” con el título de “Desde las orillas del Sena” (Tomo X).

Contiene 106 crónicas escritas en español, francés e italiano, en 504 páginas.

Puedes encontrar todas esas crónicas en mi sitio web www.cartasaofelia.com, cuyo webmaster es el ingeniero don Leonel Mena Valdés y en el Diario de la Marina http://https://eldiariodelamarina.com, gracias a su director, el historiador cubano don Ferrán Núñez. Las escritas en español han sido publicadas en www.cubamatinal.es por don Miguel Ángel García Puñales, historiador y sociólogo cubano exiliado en España. Presidente de la ONGD Ceninfec (Centro de Información y Documentación de Estudios Cubanos) y director del diario digital Cuba Matinal. Desde Miami las han publicado don Roberto A. Solera Director de Cuba en el Mundo, en www.cubaenelmundo.com y don Agustín Rangugni, Director de Radio Miami, en: http://www.radiomiami.us
Te envío el prólogo que tan gentilmente escribió Mrs. Diane Cube¬¬ñas-Serra en su lengua materna, la del gran Shakespeare:

“Miami, February 10th, 2016.

Felix Jose Hernandez, a well-known international author has asked the impossible of me, “Please write the prologue of my next book.” What a predicament he has put me in! First of all, will my writing be able to justify such a well-renowned man? Will I be able to fully articulate and give justice to a professional that has impacted the literary community with as much dignity as I can bestow? I can only hope that through these mere sentences, I will manage to convey the concept that not only is Felix Jose Hernandez a remarkable individual, but a man whose writing continues to impress even the most challenging readers.

Mr. Hernandez is a man who has made his mark in the world through writing. He writes poetically of all his trips and adventures around the world; a man that has visited approximately sixty-five countries. Language barriers don’t necessarily exist for Felix for he speaks and writes fluently in three languages, Spanish, French, and Italian and his tales vividly describe each corner of the globe he has graced. After reading his “Cartas a Ofelia” a reader vicariously feels they too have visited theforeign lands. Each trip is recorded as a letter to his mother, Ofelia, and written in such a way that the reader too establishes common ground. Although Ofelia may no longer inhabit this earth physically, her spiritual presence allow millions of readers to travel to distant destinations.

I first discovered his “Cartas” in a mistakenly opened email. At the time, my family and I shared one email address for the entire household. When I mistakenly opened the message, I was instantly captivated by the words that flowed across my screen. I felt transported to the little village Felix was describing to his mother. I could see myself walking through the streets, eating at tiny dimly lit restaurants, as I carelessly sipped on merlot. The words that flow on the paper are truly those of an artist masking their talent on paper.

Only through laborious yet delightful reading did I become more fascinated and enamored to learn about the talented Felix Jose Hernandez. My mother-in-law, Mayra Serra, a woman who has become more of a mother to me than words can express is perhaps one of Felix’s most beloved family friends. The relationship and friendship that exists between these two remarkableindividuals dates back to the 1960’s where they first met at a debutant party. Mayra quickly relived those precious adolescent moments by sharing her memories with me. Felix and Mayra danced at various debutant parties and shared their friendship and stories with intimate groups of friends. I learned from Mayra that Felix is not only an intelligent man, but his eloquence and mannerisms far surpass many of her beloved acquaintances. Not only had I personally gotten an opportunity to know Felix, but having had the opportunity to speak with my Mother-in-Law regarding such a phenomenal individual only managed to help me realize the unwavering friend Felix had become to those whose lives he touched.

Felix Jose is an exceptional writer no doubt, but few have been blessed to know him as a friend. It is truly an honor to be able to write words about a man whose friendship has spanned more than half a century. What is to admire? Felix Jose is attentive, gracious, thoughtful, compassionate, and overall one of the most perfect gentleman that an individual can meet. Few can say they have experienced such a true and devoted man, but it is an honor to call Felix friend. His is a friendship tosurvive decades, overcoming Castro’s communism, and spanning the vast oceans. Thanks to the camaraderie that has developed, I have traveled the world with an amazing man and his family. I know of Felix’s love of family, friendship, and profession. He was a magnificent professor at the woman’s college where he taught Spanish and managed to develop the same passion and love as demonstrated through his beloved “Cartas a Ofelia”.

I have finally come to realize that I too share his three loves. I love my family like a tight-knit group and value it as one of life’s most valuable possessions; I love friendships that have strengthened me over time and allow me to grow as a human being, and; I have come to pour my heart and love in my profession, as I have learned from Felix’s unwavering compassion. I, like Felix Jose, am an educator and have managed to bestow my knowledge on the young minds of our country. With approximately twenty years to my credit, I am still a novice by his standards but continuously pride myself on making every day count and by teaching from the heart, a trait I credit only to Felix Jose.

One ultimate request from Felix in this dedication is that I devote my writing to someone worthy. I bestow that honor upon the individuals who God placed in my path to save me, my husband and my Mother-in-Law. I have lived the most happiest of moments with these beloved individuals and have experienced the greatest joys, adventures, and breath-taking instances with each and every single one. Above all, I bestow a great honor to my husband, Alfredo Serra. Words cannot convey how I truly feel about the love we have shared, but know that our story still has many exciting chapters to be written! Finally, I thank the lord God for the presence of those who touch my life on a daily basis. To you God, I bestow the highest of honors.”

Te deseo un porvenir lleno de: paz, amor, salud y Libertad, en unión de tus seres queridos y… ¡Qué Dios te bendiga!

Un gran abrazo desde la espléndida Ciudad Luz,

Félix José Hernández.

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